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The miracle of theism : arguments for and against the existence of God

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    作者(群): Mackie, J. L.
    出版社: Clarendon Press
    ISBN: 019824682X
    出版年份: 1982
  • In The Miracle of Theism, J.L. Mackie examines the arguments for and against the existence of God from an atheistic perspective. John Mackie is a highly respected twentieth century philosopher and along with Anthony Flew has been one of the most capable contemporary proponents of atheism. Written almost a quarter of a century ago, "The Miracle of Theism" remains a classic in the field of religious philosophy and is widely considered to be one of the best-stated arguments for atheism in print. Unfortunately, many popular works supporting the atheistic perspective come across as unduly angry and self-righteous. In contrast, Mackie's work is a much-needed breath of fresh air. One may disagree with Mackie while at the same time respecting his views.

    Miracles and testimony

    – Hume's argument: exposition

    – Hume's argument: discussion

    – Descartes and the idea of God

    – The argument of the Third Meditation: exposition

    – The argument of the Third Meditation: discussion

    – Ontological arguments

    – Descartes's proof and Kant's criticism

    – Anselm's ontological proof and Gaunilo's reply

    – Plantinga's ontological proof

    – Berkeley's God and immaterial realism

    – Berkeley's theism: exposition

    – Berkeley's theism: discussion

    – Cosmological arguments

    – Contingency and sufficient reason

    – The regress of causes

    – Finite past time and creation

    – Swinburne's inductive cosmological argument

    – Moral arguments for the existence of a God

    – A popular line of thought

    – Newman: conscience as the creative principle of religion

    – Kant: God as a presupposition of morality

    – Sidgwick: the duality of practical reason

    – God and the objectivity of value

    – The argument from consciousness

    – Arguments for design.

    – Hume's Dialogues: exposition

    – Hume's Dialogues: discussion

    – Swinburne's restatement

    – The problem of evil

    – Survey of the problem

    – Attempts to sidestep the problem

    – The paradox of omnipotence

    – The free will defence

    – Digression: the nature of free will

    – The free will defence: continued

    – Religious experience and natural histories of religion

    – The varieties of religious experience

    – Natural histories of religion

    – Belief without reason

    – Pascal's wager

    – William James and the will to believe

    – Kierkegaard and the primacy of commitment

    – Religion without belief?

    – Replacements for God

    – Conclusions and implications

    – The challenge of nihilism

    – The balance of probabilities – The moral consequences of atheism.