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Being and event

  • 難度
    作者(群): Badiou, Alain
    譯者: Feltham, Oliver
    出版社: Continuum
    ISBN: 0826458319
    出版年份: 2007
  • This translation originally published: 2005. Includes appendices, dictionary, and notes. Being and Event is the centrepiece of Alain Badiou's oeuvre; it is the work that grounds his reputation as one of France 's most original philosophers. Long-awaited in translation, Being and Event makes available to an English-speaking readership Badiou's groundbreaking work on set theory - the cornerstone of his whole philosophy. This book makes the scope and aim of Badiou's whole philosophical project clear, enabling full comprehension of Badiou's significance for contemporary philosophy. In Being and Event, Badiou anchors this project by recasting the European philosophical tr.

    Part I. Being : multiple and void : Plato/Cantor – pt.

    II. Being : excess, state of the situation, one/multiple, whole/parts, or E/C? – pt.

    III. Being : nature and infinity : Heidegger/Galileo – pt.

    IV. The event : history and ultra-one – pt.

    V. The event : intervention and fidelity : Pascal/choice; Holderlin/deduction – pt.

    VI. Quantity and knowledge : the discernible (or constructible) : Leibniz/Godel – pt.

    VII. The generic : indiscernible and truth : the event – P.J. Cohen – pt.

    VIII. Forcing : truth and the subject : beyond Lacan.