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The philosophy of art

  • 難度
    作者(群): Davies, Stephen
    出版社: Blackwell Pub
    ISBN: 1405120231
    出版年份: 2006
  • Written with clarity, wit, and rigor, The Philosophy of Art provides an incisive account of the core topics in the field. * The first volume in the new Foundations of the Philosophy of the Arts series, designed to provide crisp introductions to the fundamental general questions about art, as well as to questions about the several arts (such as literature, music or painting). * Presents a clear and insightful introduction to central topics and on-going debates in the philosophy of art. * Eight sections cover a wide spectrum of topics such as the interpretation of art, the relation between art and moral values, and the expression and arousal of emotion through art. * Pedagogical features include full-color illustrations, vibrant examples, thought-provoking discussion questions and helpful suggested readings.

Evolution and culture

– Defining art

– Aesthetics and the philosophy of art

– Varieties of art

– Interpretation

– Expression and emotional responses

– Pictorial representation and the visual arts

– The value of art.