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Frege: Philosophy of language

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    作者(群): Dummett, Michael
    出版社: Harvard University Press
    ISBN: 0674319311
    出版年份: 1981
  • No one has figured more prominently in the study of German philosopher Gottlob Frege than Michael Dummett. This highly acclaimed book is a major contribution to the philosophy of language as well as a systematic interpretation of Frege, indisputably the father of analytic philosophy. Frege: Philosophy of Language remains indispensable for an understanding of contemporary philosophy. Harvard University Press is pleased to reissue this classic book in paperback.

* Preface to the First Edition * Preface to the Second Edition * Textual References * Introduction * Sense and Tone * Quantifiers * The Hierarchy of Levels * Proper Names * Sense and Reference *Appendix: Note on an Attempted Refutation of Frege * Some Theses of Frege's on Sense and Reference * The Reference of Incomplete Expressions * The Incompleteness of Concepts and Functions * Indirect Reference * Assertion * Thoughts * Truth-value and Reference *Appendix: Note on Many-valued Logics * Can Truth be Defined? * Abstract Objects * Quantification * Identity * Original Sinn * The Evolution of Frege's Thought * Frege's Place in the History of Philosophy * Bibliography * Index