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Aristotle for Everybody

  • 難度
    作者(群): Adler, Mortimer J.
    出版社: Touchstone Books
    出版年份: 1997
  • Aristotle (384 - 322 B.C.) taught logic to Alexander the Great and, by virtue of his philosophical works, to every philosopher since, from Marcus Aurelius, to Thomas Aquinas, to Mortimer J. Adler. Now Adler instructs the world in the uncommon common sense of Aristotelian logic, presenting Aristotle's understandings in a current, delightfully lucid way. He brings Aristotle's work to an everyday level. By encouraging readers to think philosophically, Adler offers us a unique path to personal insights and understanding of intangibles, such as the difference between wants and needs, the proper way to pursue happiness, and the right plan for a good life.




Part I Man the Philosophical Animal

1. Philosophical Games

2. The Great Divide

3. Man’s Three Dimensions

Part II Man the Maker

4. Aristotle’s Crusoe

5. Change and Permanence

6. The Four Causes

7. To Be and Not to Be

8. Productive Ideas and Know-How

Part III Man the Doer

9. Thinking about Ends and Means

10. Living and Living Well

11. Good, Better, Best

12. How to Pursue Happiness

13. Good Habits and Good Luck

14. What Others Have a Right to Expect from Us

15. What We Have a Right to Expect from Others and from the State

Part IV Man the Knower

16. What Goes into the Mind and What Comes out of It

17. Logic’s Little Words

18. Telling the Truth and Thinking It

19. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Part V Difficult Philosophical Questions

20. Infinity

21. Eternity

22. The Immateriality of Mind

23. God