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Mechanism and Causality in Biology and Economics

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    作者(群): Chao, Hsiang-Ke ; Chen, Szu-Ting ; Millstein, Roberta L.; 陳, 思廷 ; 趙, 相科
    出版社: Springer Science & Business Media
    ISBN: 9400724543
    出版年份: 2013
  • This volume addresses fundamental issues in the philosophy of science in the context of two most intriguing fields: biology and economics. Written by authorities and experts in the philosophy of biology and economics, Mechanism and Causality in Biology and Economics provides a structured study of the concepts of mechanism and causality in these disciplines and draws careful juxtapositions between philosophical apparatus and scientific practice. By exploring the issues that are most salient to the contemporary philosophies of biology and economics and by presenting comparative analyses, the book serves as a platform not only for gaining mutual understanding between scientists and philosophers of the life sciences and those of the social sciences, but also for sharing interdisciplinary research that combines both philosophical concepts in both fields.The book begins by defining the concepts of mechanism and causality in biology and economics, respectively. The second and third parts investigate philosophical perspectives of various causal and mechanistic issues in scientific practice in the two fields. These two sections include chapters on causal issues in the theory of evolution; experiments and scientific discovery; representation of causal relations and mechanism by models in economics. The concluding section presents interdisciplinary studies of various topics concerning extrapolation of life sciences and social sciences, including chapters on the philosophical investigation of conjoining biological and economic analyses with, respectively, demography, medicine and sociology.

Table of Contents

Towards the Methodological Turn in the Philosophy of Science
Chao, Hsiang-Ke (et al.)

Mechanisms Versus Causes in Biology and Medicine
Darden, Lindley

Identity, Structure, and Causal Representation in Scientific Models
Hoover, Kevin D.

The Regrettable Loss of Mathematical Molding in Econometrics
Boumans, Marcel

Models of Mechanisms: The Case of the Replicator Dynamics
Grüne-Yanoff, Till